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If you like Pina Coladas . . .

There's much hype around the re-opening of The Office in Toowoomba this weekend.

When you read that sentence you probably fall under one of three categories; (1) What Office? (2) Oh yeah, I've been there, why did it close again? or (3) BRING. IT. ON! So, in response to your category, it's THE Office - the hippest place to be seen having a drink this weekend in Toowoomba. Not sure, something about new ownership, or ONE. SLEEP. TO. GO!

It's been closed for several months while local tradies have been working away getting it ready for the re-launch tomorrow night, 28 April. Kev and the boys at Kev's Welding Works have been in the thick of it. So my job, if you've been following us; to make-steel-fabrication-sexy, has become a whole lot easier. Although much of the steel fabrication in this renovation is hidden, some is there for all to see, it's edgy, industrial, chic and dare I say, sexy!

I snuck down there a week ago to check on their progress, and things are right on track. Most likely you won't notice the neat welding or the engineering know-how to get certain structures working. But just for a moment, if you are amongst the hip and groovy on opening night, look up in the lane way and appreciate the steel fabricated roof over your head protecting you from cold night air. If it gets too hot inside ask them to slide the large glass panels open, with the steel framing holding everything smoothly in place, and if you venture upstairs imagine the work involved getting the iron work on the stairway in place or the precarious dangling required by various tradies to get those beautiful pendant lights up and working.

So if you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain, if you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain, maybe, just maybe, The Office is the place to be!

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