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What does 'Bespoke' even mean!

'Bespoke' - it's the buzz word of construction, Kevin McCloud, of Grand Designs, throws it around with gay abandon, arrogantly assuming we all knows what it means. But what does it mean? Well, simply it means custom made, or made to order. Generally it is used for something which stands-out; something special.

A fine example of bespoke construction is this staircase, custom made for a family home in Toowoomba, Queensland. Many may assume such things are mass produced in China; send over the measurements and bam, six weeks later, here's your staircase, not exactly correct, but near enough is good enough, until it comes to being fixed in place. And quite possibly this can be done, but the guys at Kev's Welding Works take a high degree of pride in their work, there are stair stringers and there are (mono) stair stringers. Their quality of workmanship is second to none. Here's what's behind the steel fabrication for this beautiful set of stairs.

Step One (pardon the pun)

Get the plans from the architect or draftsperson, use a very long rule, piece of chalk and a concrete floor. So far so good. This is skilled labour.

Step Two

Nothing is left to chance, each piece is painstakingly pieced and welded together like an adult Meccano set.

Step Three

All measurements are checked, and triple checked before the final steel fabrication is done, then it's off to the paint shop for powder coating.

Step Four

This can be the best part of the job or, if highly skilful tradesmen haven't been employed, the worst. For Kev and his boys, this was yet another success story and they are proud of the finished product and the home owner couldn't be happier.

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